Guardianship Services & Probate Litigation

Whether for a parent, child or other loved one guardianships require a sensitivity and knowledge of legal, health and social services. Our firm is noted for our expertise in handling the asset management for those who can no longer see to their own needs and helping those who are able to step into the role of fiduciary and care provider.

Further and unfortunately, the aged and handicapped can be the targets of exploitation by others. Our firm has few equals when it comes to litigating and recovery for those who have been victimized because of an inability to protect themselves.

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Estate and Succession Planning

The matters involved in estate planning and administration are some of the most emotional and complex matters for the firm’s clients. Whether it is protection of accumulated wealth for the next generation or a contest between potential heirs, these cases require a sensitivity and judicious approach to give proper advice and effective defense. The firm prides itself upon its successes in and out of the courtroom by carrying out the intentions of the deceased or protecting against overreaching by those left a bequest.

Estate Planning

Family Business Succession

Probate and Estate Administration

Trust Creation and Administration

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Labor and Employment

Labor counsel for management has been a hallmark of the attorneys’ practice for decades. The firm represents management interests in governments, agencies, corporations, and sole proprietorships. Union campaigns and elections are an economic concern for all employers. The firm’s attorneys have renowned experience in election issues, National Labor Review Board defense, negotiations, arbitrations and employment defense litigation.

Contract Negotiation

Labor and Employment Litigation

Employment Counsel

Discrimination Litigation

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Workers Compensation

Employers can achieve just results with the firm’s handling of workers compensation claims. The attorneys attend and defend the employer’s position at district, staff, and industrial commission hearings. The firm has excellent credentials litigating in this field, having the knowledge to secure expert medical witnesses and successfully present the case to a jury. The attorneys at the firm have successfully tried cases to local juries for some of the country’s largest employers.

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Real Estate and Land Use

Attorneys at the firm successfully conclude and counsel real estate purchases and development in thousands of matters. Ranging from large commercial transactions and residential developments to condominium creation and individual housing needs, the firm has a large and active practice. Land use and counsel for local governments as well as planning and zoning issues are all within the skills and practice of the firm.

Title issues, real estate litigation, purchases and sales, lease negotiations and numerous contingent matters effecting ownership and use are specific areas of practice for many of the firm’s partners

Real Estate Purchase

Title Issues and Litigation’s

Condominium Associations

Land use and zoning regulations.

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Corporate and Business Services

Corporate governance and legal counsel are inseparable partners in today’s commercial world. The firm provides primary support or assistance to in-house counsel.

Creating solutions to the challenges of a competitive, rapid-paced business is an attribute of our firm’s representation. The firm practices in the areas of business formation, acquisitions, asset purchases, combination and division transactions as well as a decidedly defensive posture for claims in litigation. Each attorney in the firm has and does represent a wide variety of corporations, both for-profit and not-for- profit. Extensive experience is found at the firm representing financial institutions and governmental entities in business transactions. Sales, mergers, negotiations, contract drafting, employment agreements and purchase contracts are services provided on a day-to-day basis in the firm’s practice.

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Closely Held and Emerging Business

The firm has vast experience guiding and assisting clients in these matters. This is an area with the most impact on the individual because it deals directly with personal finance, capitalization, acquisitions and asset management.

The attorneys at the firm have assisted their clients in the search of capital for growth and expansion by the firm’s relationships with the public and private financing sources. The firm has the ability to defend the issues which cause claims upon these businesses, such as minority shareholders and creditor claims.

Business Equity Formation

Capitalization and Financing Counsel

Shareholder Counsel

Business Litigation

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